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Based on the proportions outlined above, I would be classified as someone who has average arms, long legs, and a long torso, which would result in limb lengths suited for either conventional of sumo deadlifting. Athletes may choose to employ either the sumo or conventional deadlift style, depending on which muscles are considered most important according to their training protocols. The Sumo deadlift is one variation of the conventional deadlift where a barbell (although, there are different ways to do it) is most commonly utilized to pull massive poundages. 605 600 was “very ugly” and 605 was […] I was so excited I forgot to test my conventional afterward. In the sumo deadlift, lifters are typically able to maintain a much more upright torso position than in the conventional deadlift, which leads to less stress and demands on the lower back. 0:00. Conventional deadlifts are most common for the average lifter and allows almost anyone to pick up heavy weight. The conventional deadlift, because it is a complete hinge, stresses your hip joint more. The main difference between the sumo and the conventional deadlift is the position of the feet and hands. The greater lean that we have of the torso; the greater the spinal flexor moment arm, making it more difficult for us to remain in an extended/neutral position. Posted by just now. Moderate to high co-contractions from the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gastrocnemius imply that the deadlift may be an effectiv … An electromyographic analysis of sumo and conventional style deadlifts Med Sci Sports … With a dumbbell deadlift, each arm works independently – but still has to perform the movement in sync. The sumo deadlift can be used as a regression for the conventional deadlifts and/or assist beginner lifters in learning proper hip flexion and extension mechanics in the deadlift. “Conventional deadlifts work the back harder, but sumo deadlifts work the hips harder.” This line of thinking is ubiquitous in the powerlifting community. best. Sumo deadlift high pull movement pattern. I suffered a herniated disc and had surgery to correct it a few years ago which has gone mostly well but I still strain my back every now and again. The ability to take a wider stance and remain upward with strong thoracic extension (Chest up) actually provides a lot of freedom and efficiency; while simultaneously improving posture and lower back strength. Settings. However, these recommendations should be taken in context with the other factors suggested in this article, … This version of the deadlift is called "sumo" because it mimics the position a sumo wrestler assumes before a bout. Wedge the hips in, rather than trying to stand. The sumo deadlift high pull starts with a conventional deadlift with a wider stance (sumo deadlift) and requires the athlete to move the load (usually a bar or kettlebell) from shins to chin, keeping the elbows high. 315lbsx3 sumo deadlift. This will also position the shoulders directly over the bar, which will create the most optimal leverage for completing the lift. Using a sumo deadlift stance and grip, stand until the barbell gets to mid/upper thigh height. Required fields are marked * Comment. Common Mistakes with Back Angle for Deadlifts . Sumo Deadlift The Distribution Of World Records . Vote. The most obvious point that no one seems to talk about is the distribution of world records that belong to sumo versus conventional … It's for this very reason that most coaches and elite lifters are now recommending a free-fall on the negative phase of the deadlift in order to avoid stress on the spine and hips. The sumo deadlift just can’t replicate the spinal erector strength developed in the conventional deadlift, so it shouldn’t be neglected altogether unless an athlete is currently carrying a lower back injury. Sumo or Conventional? A good deadlift engages and strengthens the lats, and yes, big lats are The This version of the deadlift differs from the sumo variant in that it takes a bit more stress off your quads, which essentially means you’ll be working your lower back a bit more in the motion. Conventional and sumo deadlift paraspinal (including erector spinae) and hip adductor excitation were similar. This is a useful skill that could save you from injury, both in and out of the gym. Your lower back and quadriceps help you to slow down while running, by straightening your body. 315lbsx3 sumo deadlift. hide. Good substitute for Sumo and conventional deadlifts? The sumo and conventional deadlift just aren't conducive for using accentuated negatives because the body isn't in an ideal position to absorb force during lengthening contractions. But if your goal is general strength carryover, then conventional deadlifts have a slight advantage. Yea, I’m serious. At first glance it appears reasonable, after all, since the sumo deadlift looks more like a squat with the bar in the hands, and we all know the squat is king for hip development. Submit a Comment Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Posted by. In general, the conventional deadlift uses more spinal erectors and hamstrings, while the sumo deadlift uses more quads and glutes. So whether you deadlift conventional or sumo, you’ll want to adjust your shoulder position and back angle based on your proportions. 100% Upvoted. Close. 1. Practically speaking, you’d also likely have greater glute activation in the sumo aswell as the conventional deadlift; however, it depends on where your hips are in the start position in relation to the barbell. Deadlift. Whether sumo or traditional, make picking weights off the floor should be a mainstay in your program. Ultimately, you need to consider all the points above and make your own conclusions. A very big topic for competitive Powerlifters to determine which style of deadlifting allows them to move the most weight. Compared to the Conventional Deadlift, the Sumo Deadlift places far more stress on the hips, glutes, and hamstrings which may have a greater carryover to sport performance. It’s bad ass. Play. Two popular deadlift forms are sumo and conventional. Conventional Deadlift Builds The Lower Back. In this week’s newsletter, we discuss the pros a They have a greater range of motion and more closely resemble a barbell back squat than sumo deadlifts do. While the conventional deadlift has a greater torso angle, the sumo deadlift should be performed with as much of an upright torso angle as possible. no comments yet. Due to its compound nature, you will always be able to lift more weight with a conventional deadlift. u/oGoodVibes. How wide apart they are depends on your height, … Romanian Deadlift is an option which can give you benefits of conventional Deadlift but still protecting you from lower back pain. Good substitute for Sumo and conventional deadlifts? It should be a regular in your strength training, but here are 7 ways to mix the lift into your WODs as well. report. For a start, deadlifts teach you how to lift heavy objects off the floor safely, using your legs and hips, and not your lower back. There are many versions of the deadlift out there. The conventional deadlift is a more compound movement meaning your arms work in conjunction with each other to move the bar. That’s because you work more from the hips, abs, and glutes in the sumo deadlift and not that much with your lower back and quadriceps as you do in the conventional deadlift. 0 comments . Let’s dive into the three reasons why doing conventional deadlifts will help your sumo deadlift. Deadlift. 8. Main Move: Work up to a 1 repetition maximum (1RM) in a variation of the Squat OR Deadlift.When working up to a 1RM in a variation of the Deadlift, do not use the competition version of Conventional or Sumo. When it comes to improving your deadlift, eventually you can’t just keep adding weight to the bar. Try the stiff leg deadlift and Romanian deadlift too — these compound movements will make you stronger, improve your posture, and lower your risk of injury. Conventional vs. Sumo Deadlift: average arms, long legs, long torso. When it comes to measures of power, force, and velocity, we also see some distinct differences between deadlift variations. share. Even if an athletes’ sumo deadlift is their preferred stance in competition, the conventional deadlift can be an indispensible training tool to develop increased spinal erector strength. Therefore, I think sumo deadlifts are preferred compared with conventional deadlifts. After a few years competing in strongman, I wanted to switch back to powerlifting. Reddit; Flipboard; LinkedIn; WhatsApp; Telegram; Messenger ; The deadlift is arguably one of the most important strength training exercises you can do. Both the sumo deadlift and conventional deadlift have their own pros and cons. The starting position of picking up an atlas stone, sandbag, duck walk, and the now popular Ukrainian deadlift are all in sumo positions. 3 hours ago . Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all answer that will tell you which stance is the best choice for you. If you’re interested in knowing whether you should deadlift conventional or sumo, and which one will likely be stronger for you, then check out my full guide. Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, weight, height, leverages, etc that there are just too many factors at play to give a simple answer. Chicks dig guys with strong, powerful glutes. One major difference between the sumo deadlift and the conventional deadlift is on the demands that they place on our spinal extensors. save. However, my sumo deadlift helped immensely in strongman despite what most say. Sort by. It will help improve your vertical power (think jumping off two feet to dunk a basketball). For best results, perform deadlifts when training your back or legs. Sumo Deadlift Setup. Now that you know a little more about the sumo and conventional deadlifts you can apply those to finish this deadlift cycle strong and improve on not only both forms of deadlift, but also on other aspects of fitness like strength, power and athletiscism! Fullscreen. by Coach Matt. Be the first to share what you think! Instead of being about hip-width apart, with sumo the feet are positioned wider than your hands. Sumo Deadlift Form and Technique Points. For instance, the conventional deadlift demonstrated significantly more mechanical work than both the sumo … In fact, you should alternate between sumo and conventional deadlifts to fully reap the benefits. I could pull 700 sumo but could barely pull 600 conventional. It’s a legitimately documented benefit of Sumo Deadlifting – look it up. Close. The conventional deadlift is what most traditional bodybuilders employed in their usual routine. 2. Other Considerations: Power, Force, and Velocity. While both have their similarities, there are specific reasons as to why some may prefer one or the other. Both the sumo and conventional deadlift can be used to support athleticism, strength, and power in athletes. Deciding Between the Conventional or Sumo Deadlift. 0:00. For those of you with mobility/flexibility issues, or bone skeletal structures not suited for conventional deadlifts; Sumo deadlifts can be the answer.

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